Hi! This is Julia from Julsdesigns.
I'm a graphic designer, a student, an entrepreneur and a tattoo artist living in Espoo, Finland. That's quite a lot of titles for one person.
I'm studying visual communication design (more specifically graphic design) in Metropolia UAS and it indeed feels like the right place to be. I also work as a tattoo artist in Helsinki.
I'm inspired by different forms of art, nature, colors, shapes and humans. I love plants and my favorite hobby is to watch series with my boyfriend. I'm an introvert, no doubt, but still love spending time with people even though it easily drains my batteries. I really enjoy writing on a pocket calendar for no reason and sometimes it takes hours of my days, someone might call it a problem. The best coping mechanism is humour and sarcasm but I'm actually very shy around new people which is why my awesome sense of humour rarely sees the daylight.
Contact me via email or Instagram!
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